The Push for Alternative Power
The push for cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy is gaining popularity all around the world. The reliance on fossil fuel and nuclear energy sources is causing environmental damage that may never be repaired. Many countries have already taken steps to promote investments into alternative energy sources in an effort to develop systems that are more environmentally friendly.
Bigger cities, such as Toronto, have a more urgent need to develop and implement alternative energy sources. Many of these cities already have fair to poor air quality. A dedication to reducing the amount of power consumption directly from fossil fuel and nuclear sources can greatly reduce pollution and help to improve air quality over time.
In Toronto specifically, there are often a very large number of residents living in a relatively small area as well as millions of people in the city overall. This places a huge amount of stress on specific areas of the grid and on the entire grid overall. Utility companies often implement higher rates for the power used at traditionally high usage times of the day in order to minimize the stress on the grid. This is typically called "peak usage rates” and can be a substantial cost to consumers.
The Case for Solar Panels
Solar panels are growing in popularity all over the world, especially in larger cities like Toronto. The simple nature of solar panels provides mass appeal to both commercial and residential customers. Solar panels have experienced rapid reductions in price over the last two years with prices dropping over 70 per cent.
Solar panel systems have no minimum size and can be designed for almost any space and budget. This is especially useful for residential installations in Toronto since the areas could vary greatly in elevation and size. A complete system can be comprised of just a single solar panel or can have many panels connected together. Solar panel systems can be designed for every use and budget.
Do-it-yourself installation kits are helping to make solar panel systems even more affordable. Complete systems can be installed with only the help of an electrician to ensure the wiring is done correctly. Installation costs often represent a large portion of the overall system cost and these kits are a means of realizing significant savings. Do-it-yourself kits can be installed with only basic framing and tiling skills.
A True Energy Alternative
Solar panels offer numerous important benefits to customers. Installing a supplemental solar panel system can help residential customers reduce reliance on utility companies and avoid paying peak usage rates. Power companies experience reduced power draw at high use times and have less chance of failures.
Solar panel systems represent a significant investment in alternative energy sources. The lifespan of solar panels is typically at least 25 years with a high percentage lasting up to 10 years longer. Panels are very low maintenance as well. The panels are incredibly durable and resistant to all kinds of extreme weather found all over the world.
These systems are known for the exceptionally fast and convenient installation time. A complete system can be up and running in as little as a few days. Solar panel systems are an investment in sustainable energy both today and in the future.
Solar power facts and fictions are important to research before making an informed decision to purchase a solar power system
Residential solar panels are being incorporated into new building projects and have become a top choice for renovation projects.
Solar panels for your home can offer many benefits for your budget and for the environment.
Solar panels for the roof are the most economical way to generate enough energy to power your entire home and reduce your monthly electric bill to zero – a huge savings over 20 years.
When buying solar panel power for homes, it is important to ask questions to ensure the longevity and productivity of the system. Getting all the answers you need to make an informed decision is crucial.
Solar cells can be made of several different kinds of materials and have varying efficiencies. The most common are crystalline silicon, with thin film technologies on the rise.
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